Our Services

True West Horsemanship LLC provides natural trust based horsemanship training rooted in the classical tradition of the vaquero and California bridle horse. We can prepare horses for any Equine Disciplines – no matter what you want to achieve with your horse – a solid foundation and a great working partnership will help you accomplish your goals!

Ranch-based Horsemanship Educational Adventure

We are so excited to develop a new avenue for educating horses and their people. Participants will be able to bring their own horses and be involved in advancing their practical horsemanship and equine communication skills while being involved with daily ranch operations such as working cattle horseback.

These weeks will be very limited opportunities to bring your own horse to further your skills and advance your partnership, including cattle work and problem solving on the range. This is not for beginner riders – it may include rough country, inclement weather, and jobs that must get done. 

Our goal is to provide unique, educational experiences to advance people in the adventure of practical horsemanship.

Ranch-Based Horse Development

This is a selective program with a 3 month minimum training time and horses must be Started under saddle (this is not a Colt Starting or Problem Solving package). This unique program is for horses to gain practical experience with skilled handling and purpose, laying a foundation of partnership for the rest of their lives. 

We will be able to provide opportunities for your horse to cover many miles on 20,000 mountain acres, where your horse will be ridden properly in diverse terrain, be exposed to myriad situations that provide occasion to grow confidence, be introduced to ranch roping, and gain experience with cow work including boxing, sorting and driving.

One of the most important and unique aspects of RHD is the dedicated time with YOU before you take him home – 1-on-1 time with Ben so you’re all on the same page!


We have a variety of clinics around the world which are available to suit different skill levels and interests including Horsemanship Clinic, Green Horse Clinic, Problem Solving Clinic, Horsemanship through Cattlework  Clinic and more.

The best way to keep in the loop for our clinic locations is subscribe to our email list or check the Events page on our Facebook or website.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic in your area – please email us for more details on becoming a clinic host (and receiving 50% off your participant fee).

Private Contract Weeks

Ben Longwell - Horse Training

Ben is available for booking private contracting weeks at the clients property.

During these weeks Ben will work exclusively with the clients horses and also teach private lessons for the client.

These are intense educational weeks that can be customized to suit what the clients goals are with their horses or themselves. Proper facilities are required.