Ranch-Based Horsemanship Adventures

Thank you for your interest in our week long Ranch-Based Horsemanship Educational Adventure. These weeks happen on a ranch near our home base of Pendleton, Oregon or on location at ranches/stations across the world. See upcoming dates/locations and more information below.

July 2023
Sun 23rd – Sat 29th

Cow Camp Horsemanship Adventure
Pendleton, OR

August 2023
Sun 20th – Sat 26th

Cow Camp Horsemanship Adventure
Pendleton, OR

We are so excited to develop a new avenue for educating horses and their people. Participants will be able to bring their own horses and be involved in advancing their practical horsemanship and equine communication skills while being involved with daily ranch operations such as checking water/fences, working cattle horseback and problem solving in open country. This is not for beginner riders – it may include rough country, inclement weather, and jobs that must get done. 

We are always going to encourage participants to bring their own horses – as the partnership, communication and trust built during the week is to be taken home and further developed. For overseas students or those unable to bring their own horse because of distance, it may be possible at certain ranch locations to rent horses for the week.

Our goal is to provide unique, educational experiences to advance people in the adventure of practical horsemanship.

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If you own a ranch/station and would like to be a host  – please email us!