Ranch Horsemanship Adventures

Thank you for your interest in our week long Ranch Horsemanship Educational Adventure. These weeks happen on a ranch near our home base of Pendleton, Oregon or on location at ranches/stations across the world. 

If this sounds like your kind of adventure, make sure you don’t miss out on details! Check out the events page to see any current clinic dates or keep in the loop of future clinics by filling in the form below or signing up to our Newsletter!

If you own a ranch/station and would like to be a host  – please email us!

Truly understanding horses is key to clear communication, regardless of breed or discipline. This Clinic will involve a variety of settings where participants can address specific issues and questions, while growing in confidence and skills and sharing the adventure with like-minded Students Of The Horse. The emphasis in all Clinics is always on learning to communicate more effectively through “feel”, timing, and balance, building a working relationship based on trust and understanding between horse & rider.

Participants will gain thorough understanding from the ground on up to riding work, including cattle work and getting out on the trail. Low-Stress Stockmanship is a great way to improve your Horsemanship, as it brings purpose to the communication, refinement and working partnership between horse & rider in a fun environment. Practical lessons out in the vast open country will be purposeful and set up both horses and riders for success.

Throughout the week, you will be working with your horse on a variety of real life situations using horsemanship principles to both increase confidence and address issues. We will be addressing common situations people face while riding out and working as a group to help individual horses and riders navigate problems with feel, respect, trust and encouragement. 

Part of the mornings may be spent on the ground doing foundational ground work followed by transferring those lessons to the ridden work for the remainder of the day. Subjects covered may include (but are not limited to):

  • Foundational Groundwork and how it prepares the horse for real life experiences
  • Grow in your understanding of how horses think.
  • Develop your horse physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Discussing the feet/mind/leadership connection and other foundational Horsemanship principles
  • Working with and learning to “feel” and read the 4 areas of the horse both on the ground and under saddle – Head and Neck, Shoulders, Ribcage and Hindquarters
  • Learning how to be safer around your horse and develop a great partnership
  • Understanding why you need to be the leader and how to be an effective leader
  • Understanding the relationship of pressure, release, and timing
  • Opening gates while mounted
  • Working as a team in helping riders that may have ‘position problems’ (horse wanting to lead/follow and not settled)
  • Building confidence riding outside
  • Practical skills to address various situations that may be encountered (bogs, river crossings, steep terrain, animals etc).
  • Understanding the principles of stockmanship
  • Developing the skill of reading cattle and applying stockmanship to improve your horsemanship
  • Learn more about rating, tracking, sorting, and boxing cattle

“Ben is superb with both horses and humans. (The Clinic was) a safe, supportive, educational, rewarding, motivational experience.” Clinic Participant

“You have a way of seeing the smallest details that have profound concepts and make your relationship with your horse even stronger. You also have a way of explaining them that is so easy to understand because it’s not a technique, it’s the way you are that causes them to want to be your willing partner.” Clinic Participant

“Ben is an amazing clinician – creating smiles, ah-ha moments, education, enthusiasm and understanding ‘why?’ – all while being polite and encouraging, adapting to each horse/rider level with ease.” Clinic Participant

“I found Ben’s way of explaining and making sure that we all understood and going back over things so easy and beneficial. I had my mind blown and ‘ahhh ha’ moments at his clinic… I think many horse owners -no matter how long you have been riding – would also have those moments, so I encourage them to get along to a clinic – you will not be disappointed!” Clinic Participant


Interest in Ranch Horsemanship Adventure

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