Training Philosophies

We provide authentic, trust-based horse training in the tradition of the vaquero/buckaroo bridle horse, working in what is now commonly referred to as Natural Horsemanship. These include colt starting (starting horses under saddle or breaking in), building a solid, versatile foundation for young horses intended for any discipline; problem solving, where we not only focus on re-training the horse, but on helping instruct their rider/owner for confidence and success; and private lessons to give personalised instruction in horsemanship.

The emphasis of Ben’s horsemanship is always on communicating effectively through “feel” and building a working relationship based on respect and trust between horse & rider. The reality of making a living horseback in rough country as a working cowboy and the ability to do it safely is part of what sets Ben apart.

Ben Longwell - Training Clinics

A big part of working in harmony with horses involves understanding their perspective and how it differs to our own. Recognizing their need for safety and comfort, which is naturally found in the herd dynamics, Ben focuses on meeting those needs by providing leadership and communication in a way that a horse naturally understands. Tapping into the natural body language horses use as communication, paired with proper timing, can quickly build confidence in a horse to become responsive and willing.

We use safe desensitization techniques, where the horse is asked in a trusted environment to broaden their horizons and grow accustomed to all kinds of “real life” challenges. We believe methods of training that are based on trust and leadership with the horse produce a far more calm and reliable mount – one that is willing to please because it feels safe and the rider feels safe.

In addition to colt starting and problem solving at home, Ben teaches various Clinics around the world and participants love his knowledgeable, positive and quiet approach to teaching them. Where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment.