Ranch-Based Horse Development

We provide authentic, trust-based horse training in the tradition of the vaquero/buckaroo bridle horse, working in what is now commonly referred to as Natural Horsemanship. We can prepare horses for any Equine Discipline – no matter what you want to achieve with your horse – a solid foundation and a great working partnership will help you accomplish your goals!

The emphasis of Ben’s horsemanship is always on communicating effectively through “feel” and building a working relationship based on respect and trust between horse & rider. The reality of making a living horseback in rough country as a working cowboy and the ability to do it safely is part of what sets Ben apart.

Horse Training/Development is located in our home base of Pendelton, Oregon.

We are so excited to finally be able to offer Ranch-Based Horse Development for you and your horse! This is a unique opportunity that we’ve been wanting to develop for a number of years now and we hope you can take advantage of it.

No matter what Equine Discipline you plan to do with your horse – you always need a partner with solid practical experience. Do you need your horse to be more confident in steep or boggy country? How about handy opening gates? Interested in roping or cow work? Maybe it’s just the fact that an experienced ranch horse is most often the “been there, done that” type that you can do almost anything on.

RHD is a selective program for horses to gain practical experience and further training with skilled handling and purpose, laying a foundation of partnership for the rest of their lives. The old adage that “wet saddle blankets make a horse” is only partially true – if you want a truly dependable horse that can get the job done you also need a skilled rider to develop the confidence and abilities required.

The first training week is some mandatory training in the round pen/arena to check there are no foundational holes. After the first week, we aim to ride twice a week minimum (for 2-8hrs) and be able to provide opportunities for your horse to cover many miles on thousands of mountain acres, be ridden properly in diverse terrain, be exposed to myriad situations that provide occasion to grow confidence, be introduced to ranch roping, and gain experience with cow work including boxing, sorting and driving. One of the most important and unique aspects of RHD is the dedicated time with YOU before you take him home – 1-on-1 time with Ben so you’re all on the same page!

The price breakdown is as follows:
1. Training/Riding – $800/month. Includes initial 5 days specific assessment and preparatory work in roundpen/arena (value $400), min. 2 development rides per week (2-8hrs duration) thereafter (value $80 per ride), and up to five 1-on-1 sessions with Ben and your horse at end of program (value $400).
2. Board/Upkeep at local facility – $125/month
3. Hay/Feed – Cost TBD or bring your own.

A few other details –
1. RHD is for a minimum of 3 months, but can be for up to 5-6 months with prior arrangements.
2. Horses must be well-started – this is not colt starting OR problem solving program!
3. Horses must be up to date on all shots, wormer and Coggins and must be shod or have quality boots.
4. The initial 5-day mandatory roundpen/arena work is, in part, for a horse assessment to check starting process/training has been done and horse is suitable to continue with the program. Green is fine; unstarted or problems cases are not.
5. Horse drop-off/pick up and lessons will in Pendleton, OR.

There are very limited spaces for the summer/fall season, so if this sounds like you please email us!