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Welcome to True West Horsemanship Ltd! Ben Longwell, originally from USA now based in New Zealand most of the year, is a full time horse trainer and clinician. We work with all different equine disciplines and horses teaching better horsemanship & communication helping build stronger partnerships between horse & rider!

Ben, who is originally from Colorado, USA, is the horse trainer & clinician for True West Horsemanship Ltd, which operates out of a training facility near Rangiora, just north of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.

We provided authentic trust based horsemanship including Colt Starting (breaking in), Re-starting Horses, Problem Solving, Foal Handling, Halter Training and more. Coming from the roots of the vaquero and California bridle horse tradition, our focus is building a solid, versatile foundation for horses intended for any discipline.

We teach a variety of clinics worldwide which are available to suit different skill levels and interests. Participants love Ben’s knowledgeable, positive and quiet approach to teaching them. Where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment.

Our Online Video Library is an amazing resource containing a wide variety of subjects to further your education and partnership with your horse. For a low monthly subscription it is convenient and available to view anywhere in the world. 


Our Mission is to help people and their horses better
understand one another and achieve together
that which they cannot do individually.

Ben Longwell - Horse Training

Horse Training

Natural trust based horsemanship training to prepare every horse we work with to have a solid foundation no matter what equine discipline they will be involved in.

Ben Longwell - Training Clinics


Different clinics are available worldwide to suit a variety of skills and interests. Topics include Horsemanship, Problem Solving, Green Horse and Cattleworking Clinics.

Ben Longwell - Horse Training Videos

Training Videos

Online instructional video library for improving your skills in horsemanship and communication between you and your horse – available anywhere in the world!

Ben Longwell - True West Horsemanship Ltd

US Ranch Tour

Each year – Ben escorts a small group back to his homeland to experience life, culture and history of the real American West with a week riding on a working Ranch.