‘On The Trail’ Horsemanship, Zapata Ranch, Colorado

We are honored to be able to partner with Zapata Ranch again for an extremely special week-long ‘On The Trail’ Horsemanship Workshop Ben will be teaching. This is an in-depth study of equine communication and how to become an effective leader for your horse.

To Book: Please visit Zapata Ranch https://ranchlands.com/pages/true-west-horsemanship for more details, questions, or to book.

Workshop Program: Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the progression from groundwork to ridden work, not only in the arena but in circumstances on the trail. There will be a focus on understanding the “why”, “when”, and “how” behind the “what” that is commonly taught in horsemanship clinics. Participants will be prepared with improved understanding and practice with the horse before facing a variety of practical, real-life scenarios. We will be addressing common situations riders face, working to improve communication on all levels with feel, understanding, trust and in an encouraging and fun environment. 

About Zapata Ranch: Set back in a shady cotton woodgrove beneath the majestic 14,000-foot peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains lies the historic Zapata Ranch headquarters and lodge, which was established in the late 1800’s. Elk, mule deer, migratory birds, eagles, and black bear also call this area home. The rooms are beautifully furnished and have an elegant southwestern decor that gives them the feel of home. All rooms have individual tiled bathrooms and views that are private, peaceful, and beautiful in any season.

Date: April 21st – 28th, 2024
Where: Zapata Ranch, Mosca, Colorado
Package Includes: All instruction, activities, food, lodging and horses (you may also bring your own horse)