We would like to introduce Tru Master Plan – who was imported from Ben’s home state of Colorado, USA to New Zealand in Jan 2020!

Tru is a registered (APHA & PHANZ) 2017 Dunskin Tobiano American Paint Horse stallion who is quite unique and comes from an amazing line of breeding.

Tru is double homozygous for Tobiano & Black. For those of us who are not genetic scientists, that means no matter which mare he breeds to – he will always throw the Tobiano gene and always throw the Black (extension) gene for a black or bay base (no sorrels/chestnuts)! Tru also carries both the dun & the cream gene and his genetic test is available on request. 

There is an old Cowboy saying “a good horse is never a bad colour”. There are way too many people who breed horses only for colour or a pure breed – without considering temperament. While Tru really is “flashy” – he also has an amazing temperament and legacy – with his grand-sire, Gay Bar Drummer, being the 2nd highest points earner in American Paint Horse Association (APHA) history and his great-grand-sire, A Tru Rolex, being the all time highest points earner ever in APHA history

Tru Master Plan
tru 1 working copy
tru 2 working copy


Tru is available for limited breeding’s (AI only).
Live Foal Guarantee.

We are really excited for him to join our family!

ben@truewesthorsemanship.com for more information!