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Setting It Up And Letting Them Find It

Experience may be the best teacher, but the experienced one must still remain teachable. On the other hand, greater understanding does not automatically equal greater success unless one can consistently apply what they understand in specific situations. Recently, I was near Nelson in the north part of the South Island,

New Podcast!!!

If you have not heard yet – Ben has started a new podcast “American Cowboy In New Zealand”!!! You can check out some of the episodes on the Podcast option on our main menu – or listen on Apple, Android, Spoitify or all good podcast apps! About American Cowboy In

Ben Longwell Viento

Foundational Principles

Working with horses, as with anything, gains better results through better understanding. True horsemanship, working in a safe manner by building trust and respect and studying the way horses think and behave, requires comprehending many principles from the perspective of the horse.   Their own personal safety is a horse’s

Offended after you have asked for help?

We have a number of people that write to us for help when they are having problems with their horse. But sometimes after digging deeper and asking the owner questions (so we can get to the root of what is going on), some folks get offended by the fact we

Thoughtful Thursday – the Try

Thoughtful Thursday is a live video post we do each week on social media discussing different topics or questions that our fans have asked!

Heart of Horsemanship Podcast

Ben was a guest on Colton Woods “Heart of Horsemanship” Podcast Check the podcast out here: https://www.coltonwoodshorsemanship.com/podcast-1/episode/dba6a58c/045-or-ben-longwell-or-serving-your-horse-with-practicality-authenticity-and-effectiveness