Pendleton Cow Camp Horsemanship Adventure

Our goal is to provide unique, educational experiences to advance people in the adventure of practical horsemanship. If you are interested in advancing your horsemanship but also looking for an adventurous getaway with some like-minded people passionate about horses – then our Cow Camp Horsemanship Adventure is for you!!!

Bring your horse and join Ben for a very special week of Horsemanship & Stockmanship Clinics. You will stay and ride in the high country of the stunning Blue Mountains, 1hr (towing) from Pendleton, Oregon. You will get to advance your practical horsemanship and equine communication skills while being involved with daily ranch operations such as checking water/fence and working cattle horseback.  Participants love the time spent with both clinic-style education and practical lessons out on the trail, enjoying the exceptional scenery and practical purpose while strengthening the partnership with their horse.

Meals and dry camping are included in this package. Participants will be strictly limited to 8.



We will be based in high country summer grazing in the Blue Mountains on mostly wooded acres approx. 1hr (towing) from Pendleton, Oregon, USA. 


We have 2 different dates for Summer 2023! Arrival is on the ranch is between 3-5pm on Sunday with departure before 10am on Saturday
July 2023: Sunday 23rd – Saturday 29th
August 2023: Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th


You will have the opportunity to advance your riding skills to the next level with Ben – both in a clinic environment, learning while out on the trail and helping out with some cattle work (moving & checking).

The emphasis on Horsemanship is always brings a focus on learning to communicate more effectively through “feel”, timing, and balance, building a working relationship based on respect and trust between horse & rider. Ben will also teach Stockmanship – which is the art of handling cattle horseback in a low stress and humane manner.

Riding/Horse Ability:

As you will be ‘in the saddle’ for most of the week and dealing with possible rough country and inclement weather, this trip is not designed for green horses or beginner riders.


Ranch Roping:

For those who have ropes you can bring them along – or if you would like to learn we will bring some spare ropes. Our roping dummy (known as Bruce) will be available for some lessons and games enjoying the summer evening – extra helping of dessert if you can beat Ben!


This year is going to be a “cow camp” experience and will most likely be the only time you can get the full educational experience at a reduced special “cow camp” rate, prior to more permanent facilities being built.

There are no hookups for living quarter trailers, but there will be water, outside showers, portable toilets and all the fresh air and peace you can handle. Bring your own living quarters trailer, camp in your trailer or bring a tent with your own bedding.


During the week all main meals are provided. Feel free to bring snacks for in between. Special dietary requirements (within reason) may be catered for with prior notification.


We are always going to encourage participants to bring their own horses, as the partnership, communication and trust built during the week, is to be taken home and further developed. We may have a couple of ranch horses available this year, but we will be encouraging students to bring their own. 

Because of ranch animal health, every horse must be wormed and up to date on standard equine vaccinations and Coggins before arriving at the ranch. You are required to bring all hay and feed for the week. Panels for overnight pens will be set up. You are welcome to bring your own portable electric fence to set up for a larger run if your horse requires a little more space. 


Horses Shod or Boots:

Because we may encounter rocky terrain on some days, your horse will need to be shod or have durable, well-fitted hoof boots.

Group Size & Age Restriction:

We have a minimum of 6 guests on the trip and a maximum group size of 8. The trip is designed for those 16 years and over.


Alcohol is BYO. No alcohol is permitted prior to or during riding activities.
No smoking inside buildings or around animals & kids. Because of the risk of wildfires, if you do smoke, be mindful of proper butt disposal.

Travel Insurance:

Feel free to book your own travel insurance (this price is not included in the package price). Please make sure you are covered for horse riding! All payments for this trip are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend for some reason and would like a refund – it is your responsibility to find a replacement rider to take your spot – we also may have someone on the waiting list willing to take it.


US$1600 per person [incl food/camping/horse board/education/ranch activities]


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot on the trip – which you may book and pay on the form below. Final payment of $1100 is due June 30th. 
All payments are non-refundable. You are more than welcome to book travel insurance once you have decided to come. If you are unable to attend for some reason and would like a refund – it is your responsibility to find a replacement rider to take your spot or we also may have someone on the waiting list willing to take it.

So… are you coming with us?

We have been working hard to make this an amazing opportunity for those who are interested in advancing their horsemanship but also looking for an adventurous getaway with their horse and some like minded people  passionate about horses!

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