Lessons Clinic

2 Day Personalized Lessons Clinic suitable for Problem Solving/Goal Achieving/Green Horse/Advancement.

Clinic Format: At our Lessons Clinic you will get two different 1-on-1 sessions in the Round Pen with Ben each day! It is personalized to address any problems or goals you want to work through addressing exactly where you and your horse are at. A huge benefit of these clinics is you also get to spectate everyone else’s individual sessions – learning from a huge range or situations which you can then apply to your horsemanship journey as well.

Date: Tue 2nd & Wed 3rd Nov, 2021
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Round Pen, 19 Rubgy Road, Tariki, Taranaki
Cost: $340 per participant (for both days incl gst) + arena fee
Arena Fee: $40 (for both days)
Spectators: $30 for 1 day or $50 for both days
Horse Overnight: Free yard for your horse overnight (bring own feed & must be clean on departure)
People Overnight: Free camping in float – must be fully self contained (bathroom facilities only available during day for clinic).  

**This Clinic is strictly limited to 7 participants** Spaces in the Clinic are run on a first-in first-served basis, with your spot confirmed by a non-refundable $150 deposit, due at time of booking. If for some reason you have paid the non-refundable deposit, but are unable to make the clinic – you will only be refunded the deposit if you are able to find a rider to replace your spot or if the clinic is full and there is a waiting list with someone who would like to take your spot.

Clinic Description

Our Lessons Clinic is fantastic for Problem Solving, Goal Achieving, Young Horses or simply having a “check up”. This Clinic is run a little different to our other clinics – in that Ben will take each participant with their horse for 1-on-1 sessions in the roundpen. This means they can address exactly where each horse/owner is at and work through any problems or goals the rider would like to work on. While each participant has their sessions, the other participants are watching and learning. Ben finds this an incredible way to run these clinics as each horse is so varied as to what level they are at and what problems or goals they need to work on. Participants learn during both the hands-on sessions as well as watching the others working with their horses that they may progress to at a later stage.

This Clinic is suitable for horses who may have problems, holes in their foundational training, green horses, foal or young horses or people with specific goals they would like help addressing. 

Subjects may include (but are not limited to):
Gaining a feel for building confidence instead of instilling fear
Basic groundwork
Dealing with foundational training holes
Problem Solving
Float Loading
Feet Handling
Confidence Building (both owner & horse)
Discussing the feet/mind/leadership connection and other foundational Horsemanship principles
Learning how to be safer around your horse and develop a great partnership
Understanding why you need to be the leader and how to become the leader
Why respect is so important
Understanding the relationship of pressure, release, and timing
Foundational Groundwork and how it prepares the horse to be ridden
Ridden Work

Taranaki Lessons Clinic: 2-3 Nov, 2021

Clinic Waiting List

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