Amarillo, TX

3 Day Horsemanship Clinic – Suits Ridden Horses at Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Horsemanship Levels
Booking: Please fill out form below – a non refundable deposit due at time of booking.

Clinic Format: Our Horsemanship Clinic format will have participants split into 2 small groups of riders with a max of 5 in each group. The focus will be on feel, communication, leadership and progressing on the horse/rider relationship. Each group will have a practical 1.5hr session with their horse in morning and afternoon. A huge benefit of these clinics is you get a shorter session with more 1-on-1 time with Ben to really concentrate on personal progress. You then have the bonus to have a soaking/breathing time while spectating the other group’s sessions – learning from a huge range or situations which you can then apply to your horsemanship journey as well.

Date: Thu 23rd, Fri 24th & Sat 25th February, 2023
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: Private Arena, Amarillo, Texas Panhandle  
Cost: $400 per participant (for all 3 days) + arena fee
Arena Fee: $45 (for all 3 days)
Spectators: $30 per person, per day or $75 for all 3 days
Overnight Horses: $15 per horse, per night (limited overnight pens, bring own hay).
Overnight Camping: dry camping free (toilet  available).

Participants limited to 10 (5 max in each group). Spaces in the Clinic are run on a first-in first-served basis, with your spot confirmed by a non-refundable $225 deposit, due at time of booking. If for some reason you have paid the non-refundable deposit, but are unable to make the clinic – you will only be refunded the deposit if you are able to find a rider to replace your spot or if the clinic is full and there is a waiting list with someone who would like to take your spot.

Clinic Description

The emphasis in all Clinics is always on learning to communicate more effectively through “feel”, timing, and balance, building a working relationship based on respect and trust between horse & rider. All Clinics are flexible based on participant’s skill/experience levels.

The mornings may be spent on the ground doing foundational ground work followed by transferring those lessons learnt to the ridden work in the afternoon. Subjects covered may include (but are not limited to)
• Discussing the feet/mind/leadership connection and other foundational Horsemanship principles
• Learning how to be safer around your horse and develop a great partnership
• Understanding why you need to be the leader and how to become the leader
• Why respect is so important
• Understanding the relationship of pressure, release, and timing
• Techniques that are foundational to producing a well trained saddle horse suitable for basic riding and that understands and is obedient to a variety of cues
• Foundational Groundwork and how it prepares the horse to be ridden
• Basic Riding – Applying principles and feel learned on the ground
• Training and learning to “feel” and read the 4 areas of the horse both on the ground and under saddle – Head and Neck, Shoulders, Ribcage and Hindquarters
• Techniques both on the ground and under saddle that are fundamental to progressing from a basic level, applicable to horses and riders involved in any equestrian work, sport or discipline.
• Proper desensitization
• Fine-tuning Basic Groundwork, moving on to more advanced Groundwork
• Riding – Continuing to up-skill, more advanced maneuvers and opportunities to better feel and timing.

Amarillo, TX, Horsemanship Clinic: Feb 23-25, 2023

Clinic Horsemanship TX

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