Christchurch, South Island: 3 Day Cattlework Clinic

3 Day Cattlework Clinic – Suits Ridden Horses, no matter what Equine Discipline rider is involved with (not suitable for green horses).
To Book: Please fill out form below – a non refundable deposit is due at time of booking.

Cattlework Clinic Format: Low Stress Stockmanship is a great way to improve your Horsemanship. It brings purpose to the communication, refinement and working partnership between horse & rider in a fun environment. Ben will often start on the ground to make sure everyone’s communication with their horse is working before mounting up. The Cattlework Clinic is designed for horses and riders ready to try something new and give purpose to all the training and riding and is a great way to work on refinement in communication and advanced horse movement.

Date: Thu 11th – Sat 13th Jan, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Twelve Oaks Equestrian Centre, 1 Taaffes Glen Road, Loburn, New Zealand
Cost: US$390 (approx. NZ$650) per participant (for all 3 days) + arena fee
Arena Fee: US$60 (approx. NZ$100) (for all 3 days)
Spectators: NZ$30 per person, per day (bring cash on day)
Overnight Horses: NZ$20 per horse per night, please bring cash and own feed.
Overnight Camping: NZ$25 per night, please bring cash, toilet & shower available.

**Please Note: Participants strictly limited to 10. Age minimum for participants is 16yrs and up. Prices on booking form are charged in US$ at current exchange rate. Spaces in the Clinic are run on a first-in first-served basis, with your spot confirmed by a non-refundable US$120 (approx. NZ$200) deposit, due at time of booking. If for some reason you have paid the non-refundable deposit, but are unable to make the clinic – you will only be refunded the deposit if you are able to find a rider to replace your spot or if the clinic is full and there is a waiting list with someone who would like to take your spot. If the clinic does not meet our minimum numbers and we have to cancel, you will be refunded in full.

Clinic Description

The emphasis in all Clinics is always on learning to communicate more effectively through “feel”, timing, and balance, building a working relationship based on respect and trust between horse & rider. All Clinics are flexible based on participant’s skill/experience levels. Time will be spent both on the ground doing foundational ground work and mounted, transferring those lessons learnt on the ground to the ridden work.

Subjects covered may include (but are not limited to)
• Bringing Clarity to Ridden Communication – Seat, Legs, Hands
• Riding Through Signal & Balance
• Principles of Stockmanship Including Flight Zone and Balance Point
• Building Partnership With Your Horse Through Shared Purpose
• Understanding True Body Language Through The Principles Of Stockmanship
• Practical Cattlework Including Tracking, Rating, Sorting, Boxing
• Building Awareness and Observation Skills
• Advancing Refinement, Maneuverability & Accuracy
• Understanding How to Apply Advanced Lateral Movements in a Practical Setting

Christchurch, Cattlework Clinic: 11-13 Jan, 2024