Thoughtful Thursday – The Moment

Thoughtful Thursday is a live video post we do each week on social media discussing different topics or questions that our fans have asked!

Trust Based Desensitization

Desensitization, or “sacking out”, is an important part of training and building confidence (even a horse that’s not spooky can benefit from desensitization). It doesn’t matter what object that he’s scared of; your goal is to build his trust and confidence in you as the leader, regardless of the object

Building Confidence in the Flighty Horse

As a young fellow of 16, I learned a valuable lesson from a flighty Quarter Horse filly, the first horse I ever started (broke-in). Finding she was a little high-strung and not knowing any better, I kept things quiet and easy around her and really took my time in the

Building Life In The Dull Horse

A common issue that arises in a lot of our Clinics or Lessons is learning how to handle a dull or “over-desensitized” horse. Equines that are naturally quieter usually take to our training more willingly, at least on the outside, and deal new experiences with less reaction than their “spookier”