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Online Instructional Video Library

We are excited to be able to offer these instructional videos for improving the relationship with your horse and advancing your horsemanship! We will be adding to our Video Library as we produce more videos. If you have a particular subject you would like to be able to watch - please email us with suggestion.

Individual Videos are US$4 per video with a 7 day access.

Monthly Subscriptions are available at our introductory special rate of US$6.95 per month with full access to every video for as long as subscription stays active - you may cancel at any time. You will be grandfathered in at this special rate, so as long as your subscription stays active, you will always get it for this rate, even when we increase to our regular pricing.

Subscription Videos from True West Horsemanship Ltd
Monthly subscription is available for US$6.95 for our introductory special. If you have already paid for a subscription membership - click this video to log back into Vimeo and watch other videos in the list.

Subscription - This series contains all of our videos from Basic Groundwork to Problem Solving and everything in between. We will be adding new videos regularly!
Individual Videos for Rent from True West Horsemanship Ltd
The below videos are available to rent individually with 1 week access for US$4 per video for introductory price.
Basic Groundwork 1

Introduction to basic groundwork and philosophy of the communication and understanding you are wanting to develop. Great for halter training, colt starting, problem solving and simply developing a better relationship with your horse! Includes instruction on: Direct and Indirect Feel, Body Language, The Leadership - Safety Connection, Lateral Flexion, Hindquarter Yield, Circles, Simple Stop, Trot Transition, Yielding the Hind from the Circle.
  Basic Groundwork 2

Building on the Groundwork 1 video, further developing the understanding and communication you're looking for from the ground up. Useful for colt starting, halter training, problem solving and just improving your relationship with your horse. Includes instruction on: Using Indirect Feel to Back the Feet, Introducing Vertical Flexion, Building a Correct Backup, Forward/Back Transitions, Starting a Turn on Hindquarter, Combination Turns, Simple Turn.
Basic Groundwork 3

Continued development of communication and understanding from the ground up. Useful for halter training, colt starting, problem solving, and improving your relationship with your horse. Includes instruction on: Beginning lateral work, Refining Body Language, Building the Counter Arc, Understanding Uses of the Counter Arc.
  Understanding Body Language

It's a common term, but what does it actually mean? Learn how to gain awareness to apply this form of communication that horses naturally understand. Mostly focused on groundwork, but the same principles apply from the saddle.
Introduction to Lateral Work - Sidepass

After establishing independent control of the forequarters and hindquarters (covered in Combination Turn video), you are ready to begin introducing lateral work. The sidepass is closely related to the half pass. This video covers what you need to understand to begin and different approaches for varying horses and situations.
  The Serpentine & Figure 8

These are two extremely useful exercises that help develop coordination and communication in both horse and rider, as well as strengthening the horse for balancing on the bend and changing bends fluidly. Fantastic tool for the forward or busy horse rather than a rider fighting against it.
Combination Turn

Video details the hidquarter yield (turn on forehand) and the forequarter yield (turn on hindquarter) individually. Then building into the combination of these two turns as a communications exercise for both the physical and mental development of your horse. A great tool to have handy for a horse that is more forward than you are wanting. Increases maneuverability for many practical applications.
  Pulling Back Rehab

A simple process to help rehabilitate a horse that has developed a habit of pulling back when tied. Works best when applied with a thorough understanding of groundwork and response to both the direct and indirect feel. This is not a quick fix and does require some skill with rope handling! Be aware that a horse that has pulled back may have caused some injury to the poll/neck and require some effective bodywork in addition to deal with soreness/trauma to that area.
Response vs. Reaction Lesson

A private lesson addressing the process of helping a reactive young horse learn the concepts of trust and response.Lots of valuable stuff addressed!
  Preparing for Roping

Learn the details to safely prepare your horse to be roped off of! Great for also raising your horse's level of acceptance to "stuff". Includes instruction on: Introducing the Rope from the Ground, Building Confidence, Safety Preparation, Swinging and Throwing from the Saddle, Dragging Objects.
Country TV Masterclass Part 1

First session with Ebony, a 10yo Quarter Horse broodmare coming back into work. Learn what steps to go through to check out an unfamiliar horse or one that you're bringing back into work or restarting and what you're looking for them to know and be comfortable with in order to move on with success.
  Country TV Masterclass Part 2

A private lesson focusing on details of riding in the hackamore, improving the serpentine, backing in a semi-circle, and introducing lateral movement in the side pass and leg yield/two track.
Safe Hobbling

How to safely prepare your horse for hobbling through trust and understanding. It can be very handy to have a horse that is good to hobble, but at the very least it helps them know how to yield so they might stay safer when they get a leg hung up in a fence or step in loose wire! Learn how to safely introduce and prepare your horse with proper understanding and set things up for success.
  Trailer Loading - Young Horse

Learn how to prepare a young horse to safely load in a trailer/float or truck by helping them think in the right direction. This video details several approaches that can be helpful for a variety of horses.
Please note: this is not a problem solving case, but the principles will be applicable for a horse that has developed a problem loading/unloading.
The Stop & Backup

Details building and improving the stop and the back up, both as individual exercises and how to use them together to improve both. Includes instruction to increase your understanding of how to ride using your seat as the primary communication of signal for forward, slow and stop.
  Reactive Older Horse Lesson

Helping an older horse that's had a traumatic experience regain confidence and learn better response. Dealing with objects and distractions which challenge focus and responsiveness. Also an example of how to introduce the counter-arc and backup to a horse, two exercises that are helpful on a lot of problem solving situations.
Lateral Work Lesson

A lesson with a rider working on series of exercises to introduce and/or improve basic lateral maneuvers, including leg yield and shoulder in/out. Focus on factors such as forward motion and impulsion, coiling the loins, engaging the hind, shortening the spine, suppleness and collection. An exercise to help a horse begin to bring the hip into the bend for the start of haunches in or half pass
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