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We have found it pretty tough at times to get high quality Vaquero & Western Tack in New Zealand. We are happy to refer you to suppliers of products which Ben would recommend and uses himself.

True West Halters - White or Black

True West Halters are hand tied in New Zealand using high quality soft marine rope with hand braided military grade paracord. It is a halter & leadrope in one piece which is a versatile training tool.

With no weight of a ‘dog clip’ in between halter & lead it has more ‘feel’ which means you will have greater communication with your horse. It also has a unique loop and slider at the poll to fasten it - no more trying to tie knots in the dark or untie them if a horse pulls back. All ends are rubberized to prevent fraying.

A True West Halter comes in either White (with black flecks) or Black marine rope with one of our standard colour braidings of red, blue, black, forest green, turquoise, coffee, navy and purple.
Other colours can be customed ordered on request for an additional fee and time delay.

White Rope Halter $120 (incl gst) + shipping
Black Rope Halter $130 (incl gst) + shipping
Postage - $9 courier post bag, RD address extra

Draft, Cob, Pony, Mini or special order size: + $20 (incl gst)

To resize your True West Halter for a custom fit, please see this video:
Please NEVER UNTIE any of the knots as if you do we have to return the halter to our Ropesmith for re-tieing (at an additional fee to you)

Please email for orders:


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